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About us

The aim of our company is to give our clients piece of mind. We are here to help you find, develop and implement the best practices in software development projects already underway and need guidance, or those who want to execute from the beginning to meet their business goals.

We know the importance of your technology projects to help you achieve the goals of your company; For this reason we want to be your ally to solve the obstacles encountered and guide you throughout the process.

About Us: Our history


SWAT-IT was born in 2012 with the aim of creating a work scheme that would provide tranquility to our clients in the development of their software projects. We want to be strategic allies, accomplishing the objectives of our clients, and providing technology services with the highest quality aimed at solving their needs.

We have incorporated a variety of methodologies, practices and cutting-edge technologies that allow us to provide technology services of the highest quality

We have worked hard to find and group all the right ingredients to offer world-class services for our clients, good rates, high performance teams and something we consider very important: the human talent. Therefore, we have internal policies which encourage continuous improvement of organizational environment and that reinforces the people’s talent and we balance work with personal life to maximize the quality of life of SWAT-IT family members.

Our team

We know that people are the most important aspect to provide excellent service, so we strive to have the best industry professionals with diverse expertise in developing highly complex projects to form our team.

We formed our team based on the needs of your project and your budget. All our architects, engineers and consultants are oriented to achieve results, and become your ally to solve problems and accomplish your goals.

We have master, senior and junior professionals to put together an appropriate team to develop each project with the highest standards of quality and performance level.

For each project, we carry out a collaborative estimation process, where a weighing functionality is performed and then, according to the priorities set by the customer, according to that the team capacity is planned. If the customer requires covering more functionality in less time, we can expand the capacity of development, through the inclusion of more engineers.