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Our main goal

Our main goal is to bring tranquility in your software projects.

We are experts

We are experts at solving emergencies in software projects.

We work with the best practices

We work with the best practices for software building.

Our field of action

We can work in any place in the world.

We commit

We are committed to your objectives.

Our services


At SWAT-IT we develop custom software to meet your business objectives with a team trained in best practices and with avant-garde and legacy technologies.


If your project is in emergency, we carry out an analysis in several dimensions to identify the problems: project management, software construction methodology, sw architecture and technical issues, performance.


If you have already identified the problems in the project in emergency, we enter to make a direct intervention.

Our customers


Movil Red






Success stories

Countries in which telephone companies benefited from a friendly corporate messaging management module

Patients benefited by performance improvement of 50% of medical core optimized by Swat-it


Of improvement in response times in customer service system


“From our work with Swat-it I highlight many things: its methodology and order in the execution of the activities, delivering constant feedback of its progress, risks and pending in general.

Diego Valenzuela

Director de Tecnología, Tiaxa

“In our experience with the Swat-it company, we have had the opportunity to develop consultancies in architecture, performance and software analysis, which we have implemented in our production environments and have allowed us to improve our service levels in applications that support to our customers.

Giovanny Malaver

Director TIC, Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia

“The trajectory and good performance of the company Swat-it has allowed us to have them as allies and have their services as support in our development projects, always obtaining results according to our levels of quality and compliance.”

Maria catalina Acero

Consulting Services Manager, Heinsohn Business Technology

“We have had the opportunity to use the specialized consulting services of the Swat-IT company, among which the topics related to Software Architecture, some diagnostics on critical mission applications, improvements in performance of some platforms and methodological supports stand out in software acquisition processes.

Pedro Nel Herrera

Asesor TICs Rectoria, Universidad del Quindío

“From our extensive experience with the Swat-it development company, we can testify that we have specialized support at all times, which allowed us to scale and expand our business model, both at the design, development and support levels.

Edgar Metaute Romero

Dirección General, Intelligent Electronic Solutions

More testimonials

“For my part, my house and I will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15

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